Monday, September 24, 2012

Serendipity Brought to Form

I have always been delighted by serendipitous moments, when your dreams are confirmed, those happy little surprises, and you know that things are working out as they should.
 This is what inspired my latest art doll, named of course ~ Serendipity.
Serendipity Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

Serendipity is the sweet little spirit that arranges those serendipitous messages that come to us throughout our days...the messages that are confirmations to us that we are on the right path. During those moments when we question our own instincts and wonder if things are "right", she creates those little messages that appear in unexpected places, reminding us to trust our intuition.
Cloth Beaded Art Doll
She is a reassuring little being, that offers a confident and relaxed persona, and extends that energy when she is near.
(Serendipity is an art doll that is hand stitched and beaded. Her body is created from rich blue batik fabric that is hand stitched and beaded down the arm and around the ankle with auburn and amber seed beads. She wears a wrap around skirt and a gauze type scarf in reds and oranges. Around her neck she wears a silver key that has the word "Life" stamped in it. Her face is made of clay and painted with shades of cream and periwinkle blue. Hand dyed wool roving creates her beautiful hair in shades of magenta, browns, and highlights of amber with some simple beading that adorns it. Seated in a relaxed and casual position, she measures 7 inches tall with her leg extending 9 inches.)

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