Monday, October 22, 2012

The Arrival a Women's Empowerment Spirit Doll

"The Arrival" is one of my spirit dolls that was inspired from a poem that I wrote a few years ago and then came across just the other day. Soon after, I began thinking how I could bring to form the thoughts and feelings that were in that writing.
The Arrival Spirit Doll
"It took me all of my life to get to this moment...This moment of surety in my being...This moment of reliance in my capabilities..This moment of loving who I am.
It took me all of my life...To shed the feeling of inadequacy...To shed the pressure of trying to measure up...To shed the relenting voice that I had to do more to compensate.
It took me all of my life to get to this moment...This moment of relief..Relief from the thoughts that I had to do for everyone else first...Relief from the oppressive weight that I was responsible for others..And take responsibility for the gentle child that lived within.
It took me all of my life to arrive at this moment..When instead of being the muse for them, I became the muse for ME...Whispering ideas of inspiration into the many layers of my own soul..It took me all of my life to arrive at this moment..This moment when I am the cheerleader for myself...When I carry an extraordinary pride of who I am and what I stand for..When I share all the parts of me without fear.
It took me all of my life...All of my life to arrive at this moment..When my heart and voice have connected and are able to speak a graceful truth...It took me all of my life to get here...Right here at This Moment."
 (c) Copyright Jeanne Fry
The Arrival Spirit Doll
**This  "Arrival" Spirit Doll has Sold.
This creation has been one of my most popular, primarily because the inspiration behind her has touched so many of our lives as Women.
I am offering commissions for "Arrival" Dolls.....if you would like one for yourself, please message me and we can work out the details. Two weeks are needed for the creating.Each one comes with a signed copy of the "Arrival Poem".
While the general design will be similar, colors, face sculpting, and embellishments will be different. If you are commissioning me to create one for you, you can request some color choices, or elements to be added, or you can allow me to let my creativity run free.
**You can order your commissioned "Arrival" Spirit Doll with Poetry here in my Etsy Shop

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Della Wheatfield and her Hippy Chick Folk Art Doll

Della Wheatfield and Hippy Chick, her companion chicken, are found at the farmer's market every Saturday morning in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. This is her favorite day of the week, when she brings the beautiful bounty from her farm to market to sell to her neighbors.
Della Wheatfield and her Hippy Chick Folk Art Doll
 Her tables are filled with fresh vegetables and herbs that she tends in her gardens on a daily basis with love and care. Baskets are filled with lavender bundles and soaps that she creates on Tuesday evenings. Hippy Chick, her companion chicken, is always at her side to keep her company and who advises her on the needs of the farm animals. When you meet Della, she always has a smile on her face and a hug for her friends as she fills their baskets with healthy foods. Never a Saturday goes by when she hasn't brightened the day of those she meets.
Folk Art Doll Della Wheatfield at Farmers Market
Hippy Chick Folk Art Doll
This shabby chic style folk art doll is a girl from the farmer's market with her chicken, created by Jeanne Fry. Her name is Della Wheatfield, and she brings a sweet feminine touch wherever she resides. Della is a completely hand stitched cloth art doll. Her body is sewn from a soft brushed tan colored fabric. She wears a white cotton tunic dress with small folk stars, with a jumper over top that is a deep red with cream colored stars. Small wooden star buttons embellish the jumper straps and at the bodice. A cotton beaded lace necklace is draped around her shoulders. Attached to the hop of her jumper is a burlap type of flower. Cream colored flower lace embellishes the trim of the jumper.
Her face is created from clay, painted, and sealed. Her blonde hair is made of spun silk and done in two pigtails, and she wears a head wrap that matched her jumper.A flower is attached to her ankle.
In her arms she holds her companion, "Hippy Chick" chicken, who is hand stitched from a folk art farm fabric. Hippy Chick has a clay face that is painted and sealed, and her tail feathers and front are beaded with seed beads.
Della Wheatfield measures 18 inches tall and is designed to display as a wall hanger, with a loop sewn on her back for hanging display purposes. She could also be displayed in a sitting position.