Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mother Crow Gourd Art Doll Sculpture

Crows are a highly skilled and beautiful totem, and even though we have learned so much about them they still hold great mystery. We understand that they are intelligent, can use tools, and have adept communication skills, which along with their ability to work as a team make them proficient at manifesting their wants and needs. And even after all of our observing and studying, they still hold a magical sense about them that intrigues us.

It could be there are some stories about them we still do not know....such as who is Mother Crow?
Mother Crow Gourd Art Doll Sculpture by Jeanne Fry

Mother Crow presides over the entire Crow Kingdom. She stands majestically at the Tree of Crows, which is their homeland. It is here where they return to every evening as the sun is setting and the moon is rising, under the safe and loving watchful eye of Mother Crow. They are given reprieve from the constant chore of being watchmen during the day, and can rest safely under her guard. While they rest, she with great care rejuvenates them, spreading her magical sheen of protection and mastery over their feathers. Mother Crow is ever present to them here at the Tree of Crows...waiting spread her magic again and again..watching over her clan of Crows.
Mother Crow Gourd Sculpture by Jeanne Fry
Mother Crow Gourd Art Doll Sculpture by Jeanne Fry


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