Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tending the Sacred Fire ~ The Spirituality of Sculpture

Tending the Sacred Fire is a new Gourd and Clay Sculpture by Jeanne Fry. 

"The Sisters take their responsibility of tending their sacred fire with great care. Each step, thought, and movement are focused on their intentions and prayers. They carry with them the wisdom of the women before them, carrying on tradition for those who will come after them."

In this artwork, I used as much care in choosing the elements of the sculpture, as the two sisters in the story. I wanted to capture the essence of their spirituality and use Earth element symbolism. 
The sisters are sculpted from gourd and clay. Acrylics of periwinkle blue, greys, and burnt umber were used to represent a soothing sense gathered from being in balance with the Earth. Burlap was used to create their head wraps, that was painted with acrylics and a textile medium that gives them structure. 

The taller sister who is carrying firewood, wears a shoulder bag made of the same burlap that holds a small blue paper flower, symbolic for their ancestral wisdom. The rose colored paper flower at her hip represents the Divine Feminine.

 The shorter sister, who is also wearing blue paper flowers on her head wrap, holds her hands clasped together at her waist, to receive the blessings from their prayers. The sacred fire circle is created with river stones and miniature wood in the center. Each sister has a large dried botanical at her feet, each holding one small dried paper flower or botanical, both gifts back to the Earth for their gratefulness. 
The sculpture sits on a wooden display block that is painted black and is signed, titled, and dated on the bottom by me. In it's entirety the sculpture is 11.5 inches in length, 10 inches in height, and 5.5 inches in width. A story card accompanies the artwork.
Tending the Sacred Fire, a Gourd and Clay Sculpture by Jeanne Fry

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