Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gypsy Magic in her Heart, a Wisdom Keeper Art Doll

Remember when you were a child, and your dreams were bigger than the sky? Do you remember those times when you thought that anything was possible....when you could do everything....when you believed in magic? When we were children we were still innocent. We were in tune with the world around us, and in tune with ourselves. Our intuition was strong. We could see and here and feel things that the adults couldn't.
Growing up we learned other things...pessimism, how to build walls, and black and white. A much smaller population comes into adulthood with the same zest for believing. Many lose their intuitive senses. 
This was the reason I created the my most recent Gypsy Folk Art Doll.
Gypsy Magic in her Heart, Folk Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

 This Wisdom Keeper comes with a little scroll that reads "Don't ever let anyone tell you that magic doesn't exist, for it is always alive in your heart". 

With immense attention to detail, the Gypsy is hand stitched from a beautiful detailed and designed cotton fabric of rich colors. She measures 16 inches tall and is in a semi seated position. Her hair is created from black wool roving and styled loose and wavy with beaded trim as a headband. I sculpted her face from clay, sanded, and then painted with acrylics and sealed with a satin finish. She wears two black beaded long dangle earrings. Around her waist is a wrap around skirt that closes with a leather tie that has small metal charms attached to it. Small metal bells are sewn to the bottom of her skirt. Her gold colored blouse stands out from the rich design, providing a beautiful background for the many beads, charms, and necklaces she is wearing. A shoulder wrap that matches her skirt is worn and secured with a metal scrolled button. 

 "Don't ever let anyone tell you that magic doesn't exist, for it is always alive in your heart". 


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