Sunday, September 1, 2013

Goddess of the Milky Way Spirit Doll

This weekend I was inspired to create the "Goddess of the Milky Way". I had spent the week before thinking about how we can often think that our problems are so big and overwhelming that we become paralyzed in discouragement. Sometimes all we need is a little change in perception to remove the road block and move forward.

One evening while sitting on my porch gazing at the stars, I started to think about how very small each of us humans are in this vast we are all just a very tiny part of the bigger picture...and how each of us has the same moon, the same stars, and the same sky shine over us.
Very quickly those things that we all worry about seemed to not matter quite so much. Each new day brings new thought. Each new day brings another stretch of our journey. And each new day we need to remind ourselves not to be distracted away from the Beauty of Life by every day stresses.

The Goddess of Milky Way was created to be that reminder.

If you would like to see more of the Goddess of the Milky Way, you can find her listing here in our Etsy shop here
Goddess of the Milky Way Altered Art Doll on Etsy

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