Friday, September 6, 2013

You Are Loved a Contemporary Folk Art Doll with Big Eyes and Big Love

We all have those moments of feeling a little lost and alone, don't we? No matter how strong and empowered as women we can be, there are just some days when we feel a bit vulnerable. Even when we are surrounded my lots of people and life is busy busy busy, we can still feel alone in this big fast-paced world.
For this very reason, I created "You Are Loved".
You Are Loved, Contemporary Folk Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

I wanted her to be a reminder that we are never truly alone, no matter what the circumstances. We are all going through similar struggles. We all have a journey that we are traveling. And we all are here to help one another on this path.

"You Are Loved" is a Cloth and Clay Contemporary Folk Art Doll. Her body was hand stitched from a beautiful blue batik fabric that is rich and soothing, and then filled with a polyfil. I created her face from clay and painted it with layers of shades of blue and white. Her big sweet brown eyes command your attention, just sending one armfuls of compassion and love. A charm is attached, resembling poetry script, memories of love notes and dreams. Fibers and ribbons are sewn on to her dress, giving her a flowing and feminine allure.

She is meant to travel with you, keep in your purse or tote bag, hang in your car, set her on your work desk, hang her in your creative space, or even on your nightstand. Let her remind you whenever you look at her, that you are not alone and You Are Loved.

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