Monday, October 28, 2013

Koi - Love and Good Fortune Art Doll

"Koi" is symbolic for love and relationships. (Koi fish are very auspicious- good fortune in Feng Shui. There are many types of coloring on Koi, each representing something different. The coloring on the fish on this particular doll are symbolic for good fortune and love. The Yin Yang symbol is said to portray two Koi fish meeting - a balance- a union.)
Koi fish used to be all black and later the colorings changed. Legend says that they would swim upstream in a river, through waterfalls, until they reached the top which was called "Dragon's Gate". Here they were transformed into a dragons - their colors would change - and they were considered good fortune.

Koi the Art Doll ~
Koi has grown into a beautiful woman. She has journeyed through many lessons, swam through her own waterfalls, and has reached the Dragon's Gate in her own life. She has fulfillment in being a woman, comfortable and happy with her own self, not dependent on another person. She has learned that she needs to look inside her self for her happiness for truly only she knows what speaks to her soul.  Her persona is filled with beautiful color. Now she wraps her Koi Shawl around her shoulders, beautifully beaded, as a symbol of her attainment. She stands tall and wise and smiling. While she is in absolute contentment, she knows that  some day her "other" will come to her and she will be able to fall into a healthy and loving relationship, while never giving up "her self".


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