Monday, November 4, 2013

Inspirations of an Art Doll

As an artist, I delve into many forms of art and technique, depending on where the source of my inspiration comes from. 
Wisdom Keeper Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

My paintings are often inspired by Nature, Animal Totems, my own Personal Growth, and Color. When the creative fire is lit, and my hand feels the urge to pick up the paintbrush, I can already envision what will come to life on the canvas - the sketch appears in my mind and quickly wants to be be transferred to the canvas. 

My Mixed Media work, creating Shrines, taps a different part of my creativity that is inspired by quotes, phrases, and the written word. This creative fire lives within my more "poetic" self, and seems to happen more during the Winter season for me. This is my contemplative time when I spend more time writing, reviewing where I have been and where I want to be.

But the creation of my Art Dolls - this is most freeing form of art. The inspirations can come from anywhere; they can come from history, ancient culture, a found object, a skein of fabric, a glimpse of a woman and our phases of life. Wherever the inspiration comes from, there is no predestined thought in mind. That raw fire is left to its own devices to become whatever it is meant to become. Sometimes they go in a much different direction than I would have thought. Art Dolls are diverse and allow the artist to use one or many forms of art in their making, whether it be sculpting with clay, bead work, fiber art, wood carving, assemblage, felting, or using natural materials. The more diverse they are in the creation, the more complex their artistic value. Each art form allows for yet another aspect of the inspiration. 

Work in Progress - Gourd and Clay

Hand stitching cloth body

Clay Sculpted Faces

I have always felt that being an art doll artist deserves more value and understanding in the art world. No matter the materials or techniques used, this creative form is depicting figurative sculptures of our human identity, and can be a part of our history and culture as they have for centuries.
My art dolls are called "Wisdom Keeper Art Dolls", and are created as an empowering form of art for women. They come with short stories that focus on reminding us who we are and being supportive in our personal growth. They are meant to bond us as women and celebrate our diversity.

This week I acquired some beautiful fabric and some wonderful vintage assemblage pieces that are calling me to the work table where my creative spirit can run wild.

If you are an art doll artist, I would love to know what inspires you. If you are an art doll collector, I would love to know what attracted you to this art form.

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