Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gnome for the Holidays - Folk Art for the Woodland Lover

Oh, there's no place like Gnome for the Holidays....

I have loved Gnomes since I was a child. I remember when I received my first copy of the Gnomes book by Poortvliet and Huygen. I loved flipping through the pages and learning all there was to know about these sweet wee ones. The intricate details about their life, how they dressed, what they ate, and who they were delighted me. This was my first exploration into fantasy art and I was enchanted.

Now as an Art Doll maker I created my own wee Gnomes. They may be my favorites, created from felt and clay, each having their own short story that goes with them. 

Gnome Felt and Clay Art Doll Ornaments by Jeanne Fry

I suppose part of the reason that I love them so has to do with their affiliation with the woodlands, as I am a mountain girl. Maybe it's their bold colors. Maybe it's the magic they carry. Or, maybe it's just the smile they can bring to your face. 

I make several of them near the holidays, but truly I have my own personal collection that I display throughout the entire year. I hang them on curtain ties, fan pulls, set them on bookshelves and near my potted plants. They seem to be tucked away in many little corners of my home, scattered about, enchanting the house. And oh yes....they decorate their very own little woodland Christmas tree every year. They find their place amongst the grapevine, birds, nests, and pine cones, bringing the lore of the forest into the living room. 

This year I have a few up for adoption.
This is Cinnamon Twirl.
You will only see Cinnamon Twirl during Autumn. She scampers about the pumpkin farms, tasting the apple cider, baking pumpkins, and cinnamon candies. Her little gnome home always smells of banana bread, welcoming her visitors with cinnamon kisses.

 This is Flower Power Grandma. 
Spending her life looking through rose colored glasses, makes her a Grandma who teaches her children's children to look for the positive in every see the glass as half full...and to find a rainbow every day.

 This is Violet. 
Violet is a busy busy little gnome. She spends most of her time in the gardens, tending to the many flowers...pruning...weeding..and watering. She sells them to Monica's Flowers Shop once a week.
Everywhere she walks, flower petals fall from her pockets. She leaves a trail behind her.
Once evening falls, her petal trail leads to a spot under the old oak tree where she sits and delights in a bowl of black raspberry ice cream and a cup of hot mint tea. 

 This is Peanut.
"Peanut" dreams of the carnival, and hopes that one day she can join their caravan. She loves being a gnome and her gnome family, but her desire grows stronger and stronger each day to join the carnival crew and take care of the elephants.
She has been fond of elephants since she was very young. Their majestic size and loving character has always made her heart sing. Her gnome friends try and discourage her from her dream, telling her that it is unrealistic. Her family tells her that she needs to carry on tradition and be a baker as her mother and grandmothers were. But....Peanut knows that some day she WILL join the carnival and live out her dreams.

This is Om Gnome.
Peace and Tranquility surround her. She sits with her friends and leads them in meditation, spreading the joy of peaceful living.

This is Love Button.
Whether the skies are blue or grey...whether you are spending your day alone or with others...sometimes our hearts can feel a little blue. "Love Button" is here to remind you that you are LOVED always and watched over.

This is Martha the Flower Shop Keeper.
Martha Gnome and her husband built their flower shop 50 years ago in their busy little town of Mars Hill, NC. They tended their shop with loving care while raising their 7 children (who all were taught their great wisdom of gardening). Today, Martha's shop has been passed down to her granddaughter Marla, so that she could finally spend time traveling the Appalachian mountains and enjoying her retirement. Yes, she does still call and pop in to make sure that everything is running smoothly, but more out of a sense of habit. She is quite confidant that Marla can take the reigns and will help the shop blossom more beautiful than ever.

This is Radella the Listener
Radella Gnome resides in Colwyn Bay, which is in Conwy, North Wales. Her personality is much like her town, filled with beauty. Radella, since a child, was always an excellent listener, and anyone speaking to her knew that she was as captivated with their words as they were with her raving red hair and sweet eyes. When she grew older it was of course a natural choice that she became a counselor so that she could truly help those that came to share their story with her. She emits serenity, healing, and love to those around her and she is admired by all that meet her. She is often found on the seaside and is always ready to share a story.

And lastly, this is Bea.
Every gnome in the forest has a particular job, and Bea spends her time as the chipmunk keeper. She watches over them and helps them build their homes safely in the woods, protected from bigger animals. She visits their homes each day, covering them with leaves and flowers from the woods, creating a camouflage. She loves to play with the little ones, who run and scamper so quickly, and she herself has learned the skill of swiftness in her movements. 

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