Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Time To Fly - A Women's Empowerment Cloth and Clay Spirit Doll

Darling, It's Time To Fly. You have been waiting for so long to do things for yourself. Years have gone by while you have put everyone else's needs before your own. The lists of things you do each day and the endless responsibilities have left you with no time for you to explore your dreams.

Your inner child desires to come out and play. The painter, the dreamer, the dancer, the poet, the gardener, the artist, the singer...they are waiting to be expressed. If you wait too long, you will forget them and they will be lost. 

Do you remember those moments when you were a little girl? When you would run outside and dance wildly in the rain? When you would take a paintbrush and paint flowers on the walls because it made you smile? When you would sit under a tree and write poetry that came straight from your heart? When eating dinner could wait because you were deep in play?

Darling, It's Time To Fly. It's time to spread your wings and live your life for you. It's time to be whole again. It's time for You.

"Time to Fly" is a Cloth and Clay Contemporary Folk Art Spirit Doll by Jeanne Fry. 
She measures 16 inches in length and has a loop sewn on the back of her shoulders so that she can be displayed as a Wall Hanger.


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