Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lupus Awareness Art Doll with Butterfly Wings - Keeping the Spirit Strong

"Lupa" is a very special butterfly spirit. As in this world all lovely butterflies have predators, the most important one that Lupa is concerned with is the one that resides inside her body, in fact IS her body. This one is invisible and sneaky, lurking about  in search of her vulnerabilities. Without a moment's notice it can attack her, making her frail.
Unlike our responses to other predators, when we are educated on how to protect ourselves, this one remains a mystery. 

Lupa has been living with this predator named Lupus for quite some time. It has robbed her of many things. She can't flutter about the way she used to with her Butterfly community. She has a lot of pain and tires easily, forcing her to find safe places to rest often. She has to be very careful about what she eats and where she plays, especially in the Sun...which wears her out quickly. 
Many of her friends don't understand the changes in her, for she looks "normal", and so her circle of friends has grown smaller. 

But, Lupa has a Spirit made of steel. She unfolds her wings every morning and begins again, living her life in the best way that she can. Her spirit shines through, for she is adamant that her Soul remain protected from this predator. Her best defense is Love....the love that she gives her self, which is the most important  medicine in the Universe.
So, even though Lupa seems a "frail" butterfly, she is in reality... the Strongest.
(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry

Lupa is a handmade Cloth and Clay Art Doll by Jeanne Fry. She was created to bring understanding and Lupus Awareness. 
She is available for adoption and is listed in our Etsy shop here:
Lupus Awareness Art Doll with Butterfly Wings

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