Monday, October 13, 2014

The Seeker - Gazelle Woman Cloth and Clay Figurative Sculpture Art Doll

The Seeker is a young Gazelle woman, carrying both the Inspiration of the Feminine, and the gift of Gazelle Wisdom. She has come of age, a young woman, who is now ready to embark upon her life. She has the freedom to explore and the strength and swiftness to follow her path. The choices available to her are limitless, and it is up to her and her alone to create what her life will now be.
While there is a part of her that wants to find contentment in creating a family and staying in her childhood community, there is a greater part of her that wants to travel and see everything that the world has to offer.
Grandmother Gazelle had known of the young woman's adventurous spirit since she was a small child, and had imparted her with Gazelle wisdom so that when she grew older she would have the ability to release her free spirit  and run with speed and confidence toward her dreams. 
And so she did, with a shoulder bag of maps and a scroll marked with a wish list of destinations.

"The Seeker" is Number One in a collaborative series of artwork being created by myself Jeanne Fry, and by Tarah Singh. This collaboration titled "The Journey of a Woman" is a 2D and 3D project created to explore the many phases of a Woman's Spiritual Journey through Life. Archetypes and Symbolism are fluent throughout each piece representing her evolution. The series is comprised of 2D paintings by Tarah Singh, and 3D Figurative Sculpture Art Dolls by Jeanne Fry.

Figurative Sculpture by Jeanne Fry ~ Original Painting by Tarah Singh

 The Seeker (Original One of A Kind) Cloth and Clay Figurative Sculpture