Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grandmother Honey Bee, Gertrude HoneyPot, a Whimsical Gourd Art Doll

Everyone has heard of and knows about the Queen Bee, but not that much has been said about her mother, Gertrude HoneyPot. Gertrude is Grandmother Honey Bee, and she is loved and cherished by ALL the Bee kingdom. She is much like your own loving thoughts of those grandmothers who bake cookies and spoil their grandchildren...for she is visited by the young ones every afternoon.
They hurriedly fly off to Grandmother's nook of the hive, anxious to visit with her and hear her stories. When they leave they are always filled with excitement because she instills in them that ANYTHING is possible if they put their minds to it. She explains to them how the humans say that the honey bees shouldn't even be able to fly because their wings are so small in relation to their bodies....but they CAN. 

Each evening when they return home they dream of all the things they would like to do and the places they would like to go. Grandmother keeps their spirits imaginative and builds their spirits bigger than the sky.