Saturday, May 9, 2015

Does anyone hear my wishes? Celeste Starburst the Wish Keeper does..

It has been so so very long since I have posted here on my Wisdom Keeper blog, and I must change that, for certainly I have been creating them continually. This week as I was sitting and doing a little prayer, I wondered....are my wishes being heard?
And, then came the creation of "Celeste Starburst", an itty bitty Wish Keeper.

Celeste was created to be your wish keeper. Tell her all of your wishes, big and small, and she will deliver them to the Universe. She reminds you that you deserve the best in life and to never give up on your dreams, for they are just a moment away.
We so often think of our goals and wishes within certain parameters of what we “think” would be possible. When we do that, we begin to put restrictions on our dreams. Our possibilities in life are bountiful, if we allow them to be.

Celeste is available in my Indiemade shop here, where you can see more photos of her in her quest to find her forever home.

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