Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Thoughts - Beaded Folk Art Doll

Whenever you need to shake the blues or chase away the fears, "Happy Thoughts" brings a ray of sunshine to your spirit and helps to calm the soul. Sometimes we need that little reminder that we aren't alone in this big world. Our minds can get hyper focused on our fears, and soon those negative thoughts can run rampant. Left unchecked our fears can distract us so much that we miss the little miracles that surround us. 

"Happy Thoughts" was created as a simple little boost of positive energy, a wee cheerleader of sorts, reminding us we are loved, we are supported, and we can achieve our dreams.
Everything about this little one just brings a smile to the face.
She is a wonderful spirit doll to carry with you, keep in your tote bag, on your desk, in your car, or near your bedside as a reminder that Everything will be Okay. 

You can learn more about her in my Etsy shop here

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