Friday, June 12, 2015

A Secret Friend on a Woman's Spiritual Journey - Empowering Folk Art Doll

When we make a decision to change things in our lives, it requires us to change the of those rules usually focuses on what we will and won't accept from the people around us. These rules are for our own highest good, not meant to hurt others, but are to respect ourselves enough to surround our spirit with healthy relationships. 
I will promise you one thing.....this will make some of those people angry. People don't like it when you change the rules. Some will accept the changes with grace, respecting you for respecting yourself. Others will resist and be confrontational, upset  that you have changed things. While they once knew what they could expect from you, now they will feel like you've thrown them a curve ball. Those unhealthy relationships will dissipate, for now they can't manipulate you. 
If we had a lot of unhealthy relationships, this period of change can sometimes feel a little lonely. 

A Secret Friend - A Handmade Purple Miniature Folk Art Doll by Jeanne Fry
While those unhealthy relationships get weeded out, waiting to be filled with new healthy supportive friends, we may even second guess our new rules. But I have found that when we are prepared for this moment in time, knowing that we are in the midst of recreating the life we desire, my patience will smooth those emotional waters and calm my soul. 
I created this wee little Wisdom Keeper, "A Secret Friend", to be a comforting reminder during transitions. Her presence meant to be a reassurance that the changes you make in your life, changes for your highest good, are as valuable as gold.
A Woman's Empowerment Handmade Purple Miniature Folk Art Doll
She has SOLD.
While she was an original creation, please contact me if you would like me to make a similar one for you.

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covenantwmn said...

You are right, people like what's predictable, even in people. It can be hard to go against the flow, but sure feels good to follow your own compass again. Hang in there. Praying for wisdom, courage, comfort & peace. Love you. <3