Monday, June 1, 2015

Be You - Be Bold - Be Free - Miniature Women's Empowerment Art Doll

When we reach that point in our lives when we don't care that the purple polka dots don't match the green stripes, and our choices are made by what feels good to our spirit, the sense of freedom is delicious. That is the time when we are living for ourselves, and not compromising to fit into the box that someone else has structured. 

Celebrating our own Uniqueness is one of the most important things we can do for our souls. No one wants to end up on their front porch when they're 80 and be resentful that they didn't live their lives on their own terms. And trust me, those years begin to fly by.

When we were younger we felt that "people pleasing" and being "likeable" was an attribute, only to find out later in life that it usually ends up being detrimental to our very Self.
But, being that is an admirable, healthy, and imperative quality.
So...Be You, Be Bold, and by all means....Be Free.

This miniature Folk Art Doll was created to be a reminder of how important You are. Each stitch done by hand, infused with empowering and loving thoughts. 
She is listed in my Indiemade shop here

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