Sunday, June 28, 2015

Grace on a Sacred Morning - A Folk Art Doll that Holds the Serenity

I have always been very particular about how I begin my mornings, knowing that for me it sets the tone for my day. I need them to be filled with ease. I am definitely not one of those people who are filled with energy, shower, exercise, and quickly begin on projects or run out the door into the world. I start me day slowly, almost pampering my every movement. I hate harsh overhead lights and avoid their offensiveness at all costs. I open my blinds at a slant and let the natural light spill its glow while I fix some tea and wind a wrap around my shoulders. I use this time to Listen, to sit on the porch and hear the breeze and the birds, to cuddle with fur-babies, and let my intuition guide me to where I will focus my energy. My mornings are slow, thoughtful, and sacred. 

While I can't always begin all of my mornings like this, I sure try to have the majority of them in this way. It's complete kindness to my body and soul.
I created "Grace" to be the expression of what a Sacred Morning feels like.

She is listed in my Etsy shop here

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