Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Story of Khloe the Seahorse Keeper - a Beaded Mermaid Folk Art Doll

When Khloe was born she was appointed a very special job by the Mermaid Council. She was chosen to be a Seahorse Keeper, which is a very esteemed and sacred duty. The seahorses are regarded highly by the Mer People, as magical beings of peace and love. Because of their small and delicate nature, a group of Mermaids are assigned to watch over them, as Keepers, a nanny of sorts. The Seahorse Keepers form a loving bond, watching over the seahorses throughout their life, protecting and keeping them out of harm's way. 

Khloe is one of the favorite Keepers, loved by ALL of the seahorses, for she has such a sweet and compassionate soul. When she speaks her voice sounds like a bird song, and she carries a sense of light with her wherever she goes. You will never see Khloe without a few of the seahorses holding on to her tail, traveling along with her throughout the day like little hitchhikers. 

Khloe takes her job seriously, and those who know her know that the Seahorse clan comes first in her life. And all the young Mer Men she dates are quickly told that if they are going to fall in love with her that they must love and respect the Seahorse family as well.

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