Sunday, July 5, 2015

Traditions in Her Americana Kitchen - Folk Art Doll

She was taught that the heart of a home is it's kitchen, and has spent her life nurturing her kitchen as her creative space...her community space...her family space...and her traditions space. She grew up in a town in upstate New York that many years ago had been a beacon for immigrants because there was work available. There was a cigar factory and a shoe factory. As more and more people came, more companies came to make their home there. GE and IBM later became the standard of sustenance for most of those families, and the men would work there until they retired.
The town was a rich blend of culture: German, Italian, Czechoslovakian, Polish, and Irish families made this community. They appreciated their neighbors and learned from each other while continuing to carry their family traditions with pride in this wonderful new country. 

She remembered as a young girl passing neighbors homes that had hand written signs in the windows, letting people know that had certain traditional foods for sale from their kitchens; pierogies, baklava, sausages, sauces, breads, and desserts. It was plentiful handmade and local foods.  
She learned to cook from her mother and the neighborhood mothers, and by the time she graduated school she had quite an impressive recipe collection and every kitchen utensil she would need.
Those memories have been kept alive in her Americana kitchen, filled with food, laughter, love and pride. 


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