Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sapphire of the Sea - A Mermaid with Heart

She was always told that one person can indeed make a difference, and that belief has fueled her throughout her life. Sensitive to things around her, she has never allowed herself to feel as if there is never any hope. Each day she makes a difference in her world, inspired by the simple belief that she is here for a reason. 
Sapphire, a thirty-something young mermaid, is one of the most beautiful mermaids of the Sea, not only in her outward features but even more so by her big heart. The first word often used to describe her is "kind", which is hugely underrated. 
Sapphire of the Sea- a Mermaid Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

She spends her days quietly performing acts of kindness while sharing her smile and hugs. Over the last few months she has been helping her brothers and sisters in the sea, the turtles and the fish, who keep getting caught up in the fisherman's nets. Each morning, very early, she swims to where the fisherman leave their nets and carefully takes the whole net and swims back to her cove where she then helps release each one of them. Later she hides the net. 
Sapphire of the Sea by Jeanne Fry

The fisherman have been getting frustrated that they keep losing not only their fish bounty but their entire nets each day, and are contemplating moving on to another area (while Sapphire quietly chuckles). The fish and the turtles are ever grateful to Sapphire for her kindness, and they themselves help their sea community to pay it forward. 
Mermaid Art Doll by Jeanne Fry Art
Beaded Mermaid Tail 
Side View of Sapphire of the Sea
The Kind Heart of Sapphire of the Sea
Sapphire of the Sea is a Handmade Beaded Cloth and Clay Art Doll created by Jeanne Fry for adult collectors.

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