Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dragonfly Folk Art Doll - Lady Dragonfly and the Winds of Change

She finally understood, after all this time, the best way to maneuver within the Winds of Change. In fact, she learned the difference between moving against them and moving within them. In the past when those winds would blow in, confronting her in the face and pushing her backwards, she would defiantly push back. She struggled with the winds, each time upset that they were shoving her away from her chosen path. Each time she would seemingly be further and further away from the destination.

One day when her defenses were down,and frankly she was just too tired for the fight, she allowed the winds to embrace her. She didn't struggle against them. She floated within the breeze, still in control of herself but now guided. 

She let go of her fears and trusted in the change of course, later finding that the destination was truly in a much better place than she could have imagined.
She learned that we do have a sense of control - in manifesting - where and what we want to be, but we don't always have control on how we get there. She now understands that believing in her self, and that she is a part of something bigger, can help pave the way so that the course is not as difficult as she might have surmised.

This is the inspiration behind "Lady Dragonfly and the Winds of Change", a contemporary folk art doll by Jeanne Fry which can be found here

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