Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dreaming Butterfly - A Whimsy Women Spirit Doll

While my Art Dolls have always been created as members of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Collection, I have now created another family of them titled the "Whimsy Women Collection". 
The Whimsy Women Collection consists of  Spirit Dolls that are whimsical and soft free form. These dolls are Cloth with Painted Muslin Faces. 

One of the Whimsy Women from the 1st Edition of this collection is a Dreaming Butterfly titled "In Her Dreams". 

Purple Dreaming Butterfly Painted Muslin Whimsy Women Spirit Doll

"In her Dreams she is a Butterfly
a rare and beautiful Butterfly
In that magical space of slumber
she is able to fly the world over"

The Butterfly Whimsy Woman was created with deep purple and periwinkle blue Batik, and an original painted muslin face. 
Purple Dreaming Butterfly Batik and  Muslin Whimsy Women Spirit Doll
Close View of Painted Muslin Face
Back View of Purple Dreaming Butterfly Whimsy Women Spirit Doll
Back View of Soft Cloth Butterfly Wings
Purple Dreaming Butterfly Painted Muslin and Batik Spirit Doll

This Original Purple Butterfly Cloth Folk Art Doll is an OOAK (original one of a kind) creation by Jeanne Fry titled "In Her Dreams". In this unique design her body was hand stitched from a beautifully deep purple and periwinkle blue batik fabric that boasts her head and torso. Her face was painted on a cut piece of muslin with acrylics and a fabric medium that will protect the painting for longevity. The muslin face was then attached to the body. A fun vibrant floral patterned fabric was used to create her pillow-like wings that are attached on each side of her and adorned with beads in the center. Using the same purple batik, two antennae were sewn and attached to the top of her head. Soft periwinkle blue cotton lace was used to swirl around her face, adorned with magenta buttons. That same blue cotton lace adorns the bottom of her body, again embellished with  magenta buttons. A turquoise ribbon loop with button was sewn at the back of her bead to give the option to display her as Wall Art if desired. 

"In Her Dreams" is a 1st Edition Whimsy Women Spirit Doll and is listed on Etsy here 

Tea and Healing Prayers with Persephone - Art Doll for the Big C

"Tea and Healing Prayers with Persephone" is a meaningful Spirit Doll that was created for the strong and beautiful Cancer Warrior who is battling the "Big C". A story card accompanies her that reads:

"Persephone was created for you, to be your companion, your secret friend, your Warrior Sister against the Big C. She was created in prayer and infused with love throughout each hand stitched moment. Her colors were chosen to bring Renewal and Vibrance. She was designed to hold comfortably, when you Pray, Meditate, when you're afraid or alone, and most especially when you take cherished moments for Tea. 
She knows that the medications can make you feel bad, and she is here to sit with you while you drink your tea to comfort your belly. She will help to remind you that "this too shall pass". 

Tea and Healing Prayers with Persephone Spirit Doll for the Big C Cancer Warrior

Persephone whispers:  "Everything is going to be okay. You are loved and watched over, always. The hard moments will pass and softer gentler moments will replace them. We've got this, together we will walk through the struggle, hand in hand. The Big C will soon be a distant memory. We are stronger than it knows. Everything is going to be okay".
You Are Loved. "

Tea and Healing Prayers with Persephone Spirit Doll for the Big C Cancer Warrior

You can find Persephone in the Etsy shop here