Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Retreat to your Sacred Space - Goddess Art Sculpture

"Retreat to your Sacred Space" 

Your spirit is valuable, and you should treat it as a cherished treasure. Taking quality time to care for yourself is essential, just as important as drinking good clean water and eating fresh foods.  . Often we can't go jetting off on mini vacations or trips to the spa when we need to refresh our spirit, but we CAN take a Retreat to our Sacred Space. 
Retreat to your Sacred Space Goddess Art Clay Sculpture

I encourage everyone to have a Sacred Space - a space that is just your own - that is specifically set up as a place of healing energy for you. The components would be different for everyone, but the end result should be that after you have spent time in the space, you feel more Clarity, more Peace in your Heart, a release from Stresses, Renewed, and Spiritually Connected. 
Goddess Art Woman Face in Sphere Gourd and Clay Sculpture

Maybe you spend time in your Sacred Space doing introspective journaling. Or maybe you spend time listening to audio books, or poetry readings. Maybe you listen to soulful violin music that helps you release emotions. Perhaps you listen to wind chimes blow around as you meditate on a large comfy pillow. You might partake in Tea Ceremony or take your beautifully put together healthy lunch and eat it slowly and purposely while thinking on Gratefulness.
OOAK Gourd and Clay Sculpt Woman Face in Sphere

You also have a Sacred Space inside yourself. And there are times when we all take a small retreat there to Think...and Listen. 

You can find this OOAK (Original One of a Kind) Gourd and Clay Sculpt on my website here