Friday, May 4, 2018

Terpsichore the Muse of Dance - OOAK Beaded Full Figure Folk Art Doll

Terpsichore the Muse of Dance OOAK Beaded Full Figure Folk Art Doll

The Muse of Dance 

The Change of Seasons, the eruption of Spring, inspired me to create a series of Wisdom Keepers that reflect the Nine Muses. Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance, was the first that came to mind. She is often depicted seated with a lyre, accompanying the ballerinas with music. But, I don't think a Muse should be sitting on the sidelines.

Here I wanted her inspirational nature to be Dancing at the forefront. Her focused intent and quiet mind fully connected with the ecstasy of the Dance, where the soul is able to shut out all the background noise, this feeling of BEING the Dance is what I want portrayed. 


Terpsichore the Muse of Dance OOAK Beaded Full Figure Folk Art Doll Creating the Muse of Dance

It was important to me when creating, that these nine muses be reflective of vibrant and empowered feminine beings, that they love themselves...their bodies...their talents...
Here, Terpsichore was sewn in a free form full figure body, using a rich burnt orange and magenta batik fabric Her sacred womb was embellished with a beaded spiral of Rhodochrosite gemstone beads. She holds a gorgeous smokey glass faceted bead that is symbolic for Her Sun and Her Moon. 
You can learn more about her here on my website
The Muse of Dance OOAK Folk Art Doll
Terpsichore the Muse of Dance OOAK Beaded Full Figure Folk Art Doll

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

OOAK Folk Art Doll in honor of Iris Apfel the Fashion Icon

OOAK Folk Art Doll to honor Iris Apfel fashion iconI wanted to take a moment to share one of my recent OOAK Folk Art Dolls  that had sold almost immediately, and I hadn't had time to blog about her. But she definitely deserves some space on the blog, especially as she is one of my favorites. 
She was created to honor Iris Apfel, the beloved fashion icon.

The Creative Process of making Iris Apfel 

 I had such a great time creating her, choosing a multitude of fabrics that would be unique and reflective of Iris and her style. I'm thinking about creating another of her because that creative process was SO entirely fulfilling. 
OOAK Folk Art Doll in honor of Iris Apfel fashion icon Cloth and Clay Art Doll

Choosing gemstones and beads to create her bold statement jewelry pieces was one of the most detail oriented parts, by trying to imagine what Iris would choose. 
OOAK Folk Art Doll in honor if Iris Apfel fashion icon

OOAK Folk Art Doll Inspired by the Tehuantepec Marketplace

My love for Frida Kahlo recently led me to learn about a magical place in Mexico that was truly an inspiration. One afternoon I had been reading and found that Frida had adopted her colorful traditional dress and style from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. I started to look up information about the region and discovered that this place was not like any other within Mexico. 
OOAK Folk Art Doll Mexican Woman at Marketplace Cloth and Clay Art Doll

Tehuantepec is known for its Marketplace, most especially because it is run and operated by the Women. The Women dominate the local markets and the regional economy. It is said that Juchi Ta'n de Zaragoza is the most impressive - rows and rows of stalls filled with jewelry, folk art, clothing, and local foods. While most of the men work in agriculture, the women are highly experienced vendors at Market. The women are afforded economic independence, which is out of the norm for the rest of the country. Here you find the indigenous Zapotec culture, which is said to be more advanced, in many ways, than Western culture. 
OOAK Folk Art Doll Mexican Woman at Marketplace Cloth and Clay Art Doll OOAK Folk Art Doll Mexican Woman at Marketplace Cloth and Clay Art Doll

After reading as much as I could find about Tehuantepec, I was inspired to create one of my Wisdom Keepers in honor of the women who run the marketplace. 
Detail of Fabric used on OOAK Folk Art Doll Mexican Woman at Marketplace  
You can see more "At the Marketplace" on my website here OOAK Folk Art Doll At the Marketplace

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Butterfly Blessings - OOAK Butterfly Folk Art Doll for Worrying and Releasing

Butterfly Blessings OOAK Butterfly Folk Art Doll Painted Muslin with Word Art "Butterfly Blessings" was designed not only to be an Art Doll, but also as a Comfort Doll for women. More specifically, a Comfort Doll for women who tend to worry. I created her so that she could be displayed virtually anywhere in the home, or on a wall, and be a reminder with her message that is painted Word Art on her muslin. She is also a perfect size, and softness, that she can be held during difficult moments or in moments of meditation. I know for myself the importance of continually reminding our spirit about releasing and relieving stress, because I am an Expert Worrier. 

Butterfly Blessings Message:

 "Don't hold on to those worries, dear one. Worries can multiply if you don't pay attention. Your Sacred Self was meant for holding LOVE, not worries. When you feel a worry fluttering around in your belly, visualize it as a Butterfly. Close your eyes and Ask for a Solution. Give that worry to the Butterfly, and allow it to Fly Away. These are your Butterfly Blessings." 

The Creation of Butterfly Blessings

"Butterfly Blessings" is an OOAK (original one of a kind) Art Doll that was entirely made from original painted muslin. Her face is an original painting on heavy muslin. Her body and butterfly headdress is free form sewn muslin and painted. A fabric medium was added to the Acrylics to protect the painting. Additional linen and fabric trims, along with a few glass beads and an applique were added for her embellishment. She is soft, beautiful, wise, and calming. 
OOAK Painted Muslin Fairy Folk Art Doll with a Word Art Message

OOAK Fairy Folk Art Doll Painted Muslin and Linen Trims

You can see more of her on my website here 

In My World - OOAK Fairy Folk Art Doll with Painted Muslin

In My World OOAK Fairy Folk Art Doll Painted MuslinSometimes this big world seems more and more foreign, doesn't it? I mean, yes things always change...people change...communities change...styles change...trends change...feelings change...politics change, but even when all these things change there is usually still a baseline, and that seems to have changed too. 

Other times when I think about it, I think that the world has always been this way, and that the only thing that's different is that the veils are being lifted on the truth. 

Either way, it often encourages me to retreat to another world, a magic world. 
Would you like to meet one of the sweet little spirits from that world? 

She is a little shy, but when she speaks it is in volumes. 

"In my world, Everyone is Kind....We speak with Truth and Love...No one is Hungry...and We ALL care for one another"

OOAK Fairy Folk Art Doll Vintage Style Painted Muslin with Striped Hat

I must keep the location of her very special world a secret, so that big greedy ones don't try and conquer it too. 

[ In My World is an OOAK Fairy Folk Art Doll created with vintage style Painted Muslin]


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

In a field of weeds Be a Daisy - OOAK Art Doll - Appalachian Folk Art

In a field of weeds....Be a Daisy. 
Don't allow others to pull you down so that they can feel more comfortable. Negativity breeds negativity. 
Be strong. When things are difficult, acknowledge it....honor it...and then choose to rise above...choose to still be happy....
Choose to Be a Daisy. 
In a field of weeds Be a Daisy - OOAK Art Doll Appalachian Folk Art

OOAK Folk Art Doll Black and White Polka Dots with Daisies
Daisies and Polka Dots Original Folk Art Doll Cloth and Clay

OOAK Folk Art Doll Black and White Polka Dots with Daisies

"In a field of weeds, Be a Daisy" is an OOAK Cloth and Clay Folk Art Doll. Her face is an Original Sculpt of Clay, and her body is free form sewn original created in a seated position. She is available on my site here Wise Woman Art Doll with Polka Dots and Daisies

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Understanding the Wild Woman an Empowering Folk Art Doll

Understanding the Wild Woman

OOAK Art Doll Wild WomanShe doesn't have time to waste worrying about what others think about her. She doesn't read the Reviews. This life is her "One Woman Show". 
She is the Director, the Producer, and she Designs the stage. Each day is her performance art. 

There is no Playbill, it is all Improv. It is her truth, her hopes, and her dreams. 
 She decided to stop thinking small and to stop living small. The cookie cutter life is not for her. 
Her spirit is too large to live inside the box of "should", and once she had stepped out of it she found she was in the land of "could". 

She has learned to be more discerning about who gets to join her on her stage. There are those who will try to steal your lines, those who will try to upstage, and even those who will try to take control and make it their own. So some won't get a call back, and others may just be given a small tight role. After all, this IS her production. 
She doesn't much care about how many people show up. What she does care about is that each day she goes out there and gives it her all, follows her heart, speaks her truth, listens with sincerity, inhales love, and exhales joy. 

This is the Life and the Passion of the Wild Woman. 
Wild Woman OOAK Folk Art Doll Wall Hanger

Original Sculpt Cloth and Clay Art Doll Purple Wild Woman

OOAK Purple Beaded Wild Woman Art Doll

Beaded Wild Woman Art Doll

This Wild Woman Art Doll is an Original Sculpt of Cloth and Clay, along with Purple Batiks and Beaded Felt. She was designed as a Wall Hanger and is ready to be displayed in any room. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Agate Sunset and her Heart Wide Open - OOAK Art Doll Wall Hanging with Symbolic Story

She walks with her Heart Wide Open. It is the only way that her spirit is able to Live....authentically. She finds joy watching and engaging with the precious life all around her, be it plant, animal, or human. There are lessons to be learned from them all, aren't there?. Though honestly, as of late, it has brought sadness to her.
Watching how people have been treating one another, the judging, the tearing down, the turning of backs on one another, and the total disregard out of greed or fear.....all seems to be at such heightened levels. The grief exists whether she is on the receiving end or witnessing it happening to another. At times it feels like her heart couldn't hold one more ounce of sadness.
Folk Art Doll Wall Hanging titled The Agate Sunset and her Heart Wide Open

There have been many who have offered up unsolicited advice for her sadness....turn off the news...don't be an advocate...don't participate in social justice events...don't engage in politics...delete people from social media...delete people from your life...turn your back...turn the other cheek...let someone else help...keep your thoughts to yourself....bury your head in the sand....just worry about your own life...don't talk about the negative...grow a thicker're just looking at things wrong...Close Your Heart. ...
Sometimes all those things make her snort a half giggle. She thought how funny it is that as children we are raised to be thoughtful, kind, and giving human beings....yet when we are older we are told NOT to be.
OOAK Art Doll Wall Hanging Appalachian Art with Agate Gemstone Beads

She is not going to change who she is. She will continue to walk with her Heart Wide be fully Present for herself and others.  She will continue to let her heart lead the way.
And in those moments when things feel a little rocky, when the sadness comes, and when the world seems disappointing, she will protect herself Spiritually.
She will close her eyes and imagine herself standing within the Agate Sunset....where the wide open sky looks like a painter's brush has spread magnificent streaks of magenta and fiery orange, dusty rose and splatters of periwinkle blues. She will hold close those wondrous Agate gemstones, gifts from Mother Earth, as they cleanse away the stress and stimulate her life force, those tool bits of spiritual protection. She will come to this space every night and she will come here as often as need remember who she remember that we are all Perfectly Imperfect...and to continue having the Strength to Walk with her Heart Wide Open. 
Original Sculpt Cloth and Clay Art Doll Wall Hanging with Agate Gemstones

A Cup of Honey Lavender Yogi Tea in the art studio
{As an aside, how perfect that at the end of writing this little bit about the Agate Sunset, I made myself a cup of Honey Lavender Yogi Tea....and the sweet message on the tea tag said "Your great happiness is based on the warmth of your heart" } 
( I shall never change :)

Mountain Folk Art Doll OOAK Cloth and Clay titled The Agate Sunset and her Heart Wide Open

Sculpted Folk Art Doll titled The Agate Sunset and her Heart Wide Open
This darling, Heart Wide Open, is an Original Sculpted Folk Art Doll Wall Hanging, Appalachian Art by Jeanne Fry. A printed copy of her story here accompanies her. You can find her on my website here OOAK Folk Art Doll Cloth and Clay with Agate Gemstones

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Heart of the Sage Woman - OOAK Art Doll

Sage Woman, your spirit was sculpted from some of the most powerful energies in the Universe. There are no cookie cutters, no instruction manuals,  for the making of a goddess. 

Sage Woman OOAK Art Doll Cloth and Clay for Womens Empowerment

You are a part of a glorious Tribe of Sisters that is as diverse as the layers of your soul. Stand tall in your Knowing. Stand tall in your Connection to the Source. And Stand tall walking your path on this Earth. 
Let your Voice reach through the winds. You worked hard to realize it. Let your Creativity flow. You have much to share. Let your Compassion weave the web. There are many who need it.

OOAK Art Doll Sage Woman Goddess Art

You are a Healing woman,
a Peacemaking woman, 
a Warrior woman, 
an Inventive woman, 
a Compassionate woman,
a Sage woman. 

Goddess Art OOAK Art Doll Sage Woman for Womens Empowerment

Never step into the shadows and dim your light because of the discomfort of others. 
Stand tall in the face of the Sun and the glow of the Moon and Radiate your immense Beauty. 
You, Sage Woman, are divine. 

Sage Woman OOAK Spirit Doll Art Doll

"Heart of the Sage Woman" is an OOAK (original one of a kind) Art Doll, created from Cloth, Clay, Gemstones, and Fierce Love.


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Love Lessons from the One who knows you Best - Self

We spend so much of our time focused and working on our Relationships with those around us,  that we often neglect the most important relationship, the one we have with our Self, our Inner Being. Before you know it we begin to neglect how we take care of ourselves, giving more and more to Others and less and less to Self.
There is great value in Self Care and Self Love. It nurtures the creation of healthy boundaries, helps us make more balanced decisions, maintains an inner balance, boosts our self esteem, and models to those around us the value in treating people with love and respect.

Painted Affirmations for Self Care on Folk Art Doll

We need to ask ourselves.....
Do we spend quality time with Self? Do we take ourselves out on dates doing things that we truly enjoy?
Do we stop and ask Self how our day was, a check-in of sorts? Do we listen attentively to how we feel and honor those feelings?
Do we prevent the all-popular Negative Self Talk?
We often will be cheerleaders for those we care about.... Are we a cheerleader for our own Inner Being? Do we give ourselves pep talks and encouragement?
Do we keep promises and commitments with our Self?
Are we Honest with our Self?
Word Art Affirmations on Love Lessons Folk Art Doll

These are just a few things to stay aware of, all basically reminding us that we need to make ourselves a priority and that our needs are important. If we don't value and respect our Inner Being, how can we expect others to?

Replacing our Negative Self Talk with Empowering Affirmations is a wonderful self care practice.
I created "Love Lessons" to serve as a visual reminder of using Affirmations each day.

I am Worthy * I am Loved * I am Beautiful * I live in a Loving Abundant Harmonious World * Hope * Love * Smile * Brave * Dream
Self Care OOAK Contemporary Folk Art Doll with Affirmations

"Love Lessons" is an OOAK (original one of a kind) Contemporary Folk Art Doll, created from Clay and Batik, designed as a Wall Hanger.


Love Lessons a Contemporary Folk Art Doll for Self Care