Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Heart of the Sage Woman - OOAK Art Doll

Sage Woman, your spirit was sculpted from some of the most powerful energies in the Universe. There are no cookie cutters, no instruction manuals,  for the making of a goddess. 

Sage Woman OOAK Art Doll Cloth and Clay for Womens Empowerment

You are a part of a glorious Tribe of Sisters that is as diverse as the layers of your soul. Stand tall in your Knowing. Stand tall in your Connection to the Source. And Stand tall walking your path on this Earth. 
Let your Voice reach through the winds. You worked hard to realize it. Let your Creativity flow. You have much to share. Let your Compassion weave the web. There are many who need it.

OOAK Art Doll Sage Woman Goddess Art

You are a Healing woman,
a Peacemaking woman, 
a Warrior woman, 
an Inventive woman, 
a Compassionate woman,
a Sage woman. 

Goddess Art OOAK Art Doll Sage Woman for Womens Empowerment

Never step into the shadows and dim your light because of the discomfort of others. 
Stand tall in the face of the Sun and the glow of the Moon and Radiate your immense Beauty. 
You, Sage Woman, are divine. 

Sage Woman OOAK Spirit Doll Art Doll

"Heart of the Sage Woman" is an OOAK (original one of a kind) Art Doll, created from Cloth, Clay, Gemstones, and Fierce Love.


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