An Original Figurative Sculpt of the Venus of Willendorf - Goddess Statuary

My most recent artwork is an original Gourd and Clay sculpture , fashioned after the Venus of Willendorf, which makes a meaningful and stately Goddess statue or symbolic addition to an altar.

Original Figurative Sculpture of the Venus of WillendorfVenus figurines are found artifacts of the human female which often had exaggerated body features, created during the Upper Paleolithic era. The Venus of Willendorf is thought to have been created 30,000 BCE.  

In the past and especially in other cultures, voluptuous women were often thought to be more vibrant, attractive and fertile. Sadly though, for many years here in the United States our main stream media has inundated us with a concept that beauty is staggeringly thin with features that are difficult to attain. For decades women have stressed on this concept and many have punished their bodies attempting to reach this corporate ideal.

Today Willendorf is still admired and loved by many, symbolic of Womanhood, the Mother, the Divine Feminine, Fertility,  the Sacred Female, and Abundant Life.

This piece is an Original Sculpt of Gourd and Clay that measures approximately 15 inches in height x 7 inches in width. She is permanently mounted on a wooden base that is painted black, signed and titled underneath. She was painted with Acrylics and sealed with a soft satin finish.

Original Sculpt of Willendorf

Original Gourd and Clay Sculpture of the Goddess Willendorf

You can see more of this Willendorf statue on my website here 


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