Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mary the Appalachia Granny Woman

Historically, Appalachia Granny Women were the midwives and healers in the Appalachia when doctors were few. They combined their own folk remedies with the herbal remedies they learned from the neighboring Cherokee.

Mary has splendid gardens filled with herbs and flowers that she uses in her remedies and teas. There is almost never a time when you see her that she doesn't have at least one gathering bag around her with her botanicals. She is always prepared should someone need a little help, or even just a smile and hug.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


For me, Creating is like taking a breath. It is life sustaining. I know many artists that create a good deal of their inventory during the winter - slow season. That would be difficult for me because I get much of my inspiration from the people that view my work. The expressions that form, the smiles, the comments about how the piece makes them feel. This is where my seeds of creation begin.

Art should engage you, make you feel, remind you of the good things, and help you ponder life.

I am in love with the Romance of Art and the Dance of Creation. Artists record history in a much different way, and leave their mark in this world in a beautiful manner.

Breathe in, Breathe out, Create....this is my meditation.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Monthly Poppet Give-Away ~ Easter

Easter is on its way, so this month's Give-Away Contest is for one of my Bunny Poppets.

Post your favorite Easter tradition either here on the blog, or on my Facebook Page. The most inspiring and unique story will be chosen to receive one of my Bunny Poppets.

This will run from Februaru 20th - February 26th. Good luck and share your wonderful Easter Tradition stories.

This photo is an example of my Bunny Poppets...the winner will receive a similar poppet.

Callie The Music Maker

The Music Maker
“Callie ’s passion is the beauty of music. She plays her songs night and day for all who will listen and become entranced in happiness. She dances her way through life with the songs in her heart, just waiting to share them and bring smiles of delight. The enchantment that she brings lingers, so that the listener can always here the bliss of her melodies , even when she is resting.”
Callie is a cloth formed Art Doll with a clay face. Her hair is completely hand beaded by me in it own little eclectic style. She has light beading on her body and holds her instrument in her hands. She is approximately 11 inches tall and is secured on a wooden base for display, which is signed and dated by me.

Why I create Art Dolls

Today I spent some time looking over pictures of all the Art Dolls that I have created since 2004. It is sometimes amazing how our Art changes as we ourselves change, whether it is simply by getting older, or transitions in our life. Creating Art Dolls is one of the most satisfiying things in my life. I become inspired on their themes by so many things. Sometimes its simply a color that generates the idea, sometimes a memory, and other times the story comes before the doll. The possibilities are endless in creating them, but the thing that I love the most is watching the reactions that people have when they see them.
When doing an art market or show, I watch the patrons walking through…some seem as if they are on a definitive mission – not in the mood to browse, but are power walking while scanning the vendors looking for a particular thing. I myself can not imagine exploring like this, how much you may possibly miss ! But then other swill slowly meander through the aisles, curious and examining each and every thing. Now the thing that I love is when women come by my booth…they STOP. Inquisitive. Exploring. They seem to be pulled out of the rat race and completely come into focus. And then….the smile. “Oh, doesn’t that one remind you of Aunt Emma !” or ” Oh, she reminds me of when I used to be a weaver!” “Oh, my sister would love that, it’s just like her.”
I try to represent so many facets of women, whether in reality or in our dream worlds. I want them to remind you of your past, your present, and your future. I want them to make you feel as if you can do anything. And I want them to make you fully embrace life and enjoy every moment of being a woman !

The WishMaker unveiled

Well, after I teased you with her feet, here she is finished and ready to play in the world.
Creating the WishMaker was a journey backward for me, revisiting the memories of living in the mountains of North Carolina …steeped in folk art. I think that she may be my favorite, or one of my most favorite art dolls that I have created. As I worked on her at my table, the colors were so completely engaging and she has an unexplainable “feel good” presence.
Now you should know that she loves to have beautiful gardens nearby because she tends to befriend the faeries. And she is a wonderful cheerleader to those that are chasing their dreams. So, if you are on a quest to manifest your dreams, you may want to make her an aquaintance of yours. She has been known to grant an occasional wish or two.

And her Story has evolved…Sakura

“Sakura ~ The Kunoichi”(Sakura: meaning – Cherry Blossoms)(Kunoichi – Female Ninja)Sakura is a Kunoichi – female Ninja. She is highly trained in combat, but is also trained to only use her skills when needed. Kunoichi often disguise themselves as entertainers or geisha in order to get close to those she needs information from.Sakura fully embraces this – her cloth body is designed with a powerful black and silver dragon print cotton, which is then embellished with very delicate feminine beading and beaded“cherry blossoms” in her hair and in her hands.Yellow silk is draped around her waist and flows to the floor, and the yellow and lime green ribbons represent the balanced flow of chi that she posesses.

The Artist’s Muse

With winter setting in, grey skies and so much rain, this is the time when I work as much I can on my dolls before the spring shows. The Artist’s Muse was an absolute joy to create. The colors are my favorites. The base of the doll is made of batik in deep purples, fuscia, blues and greens. Such healing, warm, and inspring colors…which led to her being the Muse.
In her embellishments, you will notice a second smaller clay face placed on her abdomen. This is to symbolize the birthing of new creative ideas.
You can find more of a description of her on my website

The Snow Queen and Flocke the Polar Bear Cub

Well, two months of planning and work on this piece that was a donation for a fundraising benefit, where all of the proceeds go to mental health organizations in our area.
The gala event wanted an assemblage that was a holiday theme, and here she is…The Snow Queen and Flocke the Polar Bear Cub. The piece is one of a kind, no molds used, sculpture. The Snow Queen has pale blonde wool roving for hair that is upsewpt with pearl strewn throughout. Her face is hand painted and she is wearing cultured pearl earrings. Around her neck and her wrists fur is added to her dress. The skirt is embellished with swarovski crystal.
Flocke, the Polar Bear cub is an original sculpt of paper clay and hand painted. He has a crystal collar and pearl leash. Flocke is in training to be part of the Royal Guard at the Snow Queen’s Palace.