Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Snow Queen and Flocke the Polar Bear Cub

Well, two months of planning and work on this piece that was a donation for a fundraising benefit, where all of the proceeds go to mental health organizations in our area.
The gala event wanted an assemblage that was a holiday theme, and here she is…The Snow Queen and Flocke the Polar Bear Cub. The piece is one of a kind, no molds used, sculpture. The Snow Queen has pale blonde wool roving for hair that is upsewpt with pearl strewn throughout. Her face is hand painted and she is wearing cultured pearl earrings. Around her neck and her wrists fur is added to her dress. The skirt is embellished with swarovski crystal.
Flocke, the Polar Bear cub is an original sculpt of paper clay and hand painted. He has a crystal collar and pearl leash. Flocke is in training to be part of the Royal Guard at the Snow Queen’s Palace.

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